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From products for washing, cleaning and cleaning the clothes

New generation of products for washing, cleaning and cleaning the clothes without

REACTION CHEMISTRY brings for market Czech industry DonGemini.

0 % of phosphates, 0 % of silicates, effective components Gemini spend your health, half dose that usually spend your money!




Powder for washing - high effectof washing is result of synergic impressive soak ( with Gemini ),

Enzymes and electrolyts, Experiences show taht temperature over 60 ْ C is important in desinfection

of clothes. Because this product contains entymations komponent, it isn´t suitable for washing of wool and silk.

Fluid product for washing - liquid analogy of powder for washing. Advantage of fluid product is in application directly on the pollution place strongly. In this tine, you don't have to soak before washing.

Fluid product with lanoline for washing of wool - there aren'tentymes which damage animals fibros. Elasticity and soft - it delivers for fibros. It is effective in low temperature and it finds usage in washing of delicate clothes, which don't have fibre for animal.

Deincrustation product - deincrustation product uses for removal of deposits form of washing machina and clothes. It finds the appl for cleaning of kettles, dishwashers and irons.

Washing product to dishwasher - composition the preparation is from new knowledge in the sphere amfifils material. Its effectivity is compare with the most famous products on the market, but it isn't agressive to aluminium. Experiences show, it spend salt to the dishwashers and polish too.

Composition for cleaning - universal cleaning product. I tis more effective for washing and cleaning. It finds its apply in every house and in the workshop.



Before first washing is purpose deprive the washing machine of deposits. What is depositing in washing machine, it is also in the clothes. Producer suggest - clean usually your washing machina with good products. Sometimes you forget for these and not all the people knows how these products use. Good and suitable product for cleaning own washing machina is deincrustator. How many dust and pollution can be in the clothes? Try to shake up with the clothe opossite several light.Deincrustation product deprives the washing machine of depites and next pollutions with this methode:

  • The washing machine, without clothes, gives on main washing with 60 ْ C without
  • before washing. To the magazine for powder for washing reserved you with help top bottle two - three rations of deincrustator product. Let you gone the whole cycle of washing. You must control and eventually clean the philtre of the pump.
  • In the case that the clothes contains big duality anorganic composition and the clean clothes have grey or yellow colour, you must remove this composition before washing. Givethe programme on 40 ْ C without before washing. To the magazine for the powder for washing reserved you two rations of deicrustation product and let you go the whole cycle with wring and rinse. After this operation we suggest washing the clothes with before washing with usually methode.
  • The washing with product DonGemini doesn't want any curiosity. If the programme of washing machina set sup for economical washing, we low the kation on ¾ of rations.


Cleaning of kettles- give 2/3 of wate 30 ml ( ½ top ) of product to the kettle. Boil the water with the product. Let it cool! Pour out the bettle and rinse it out with water.

Cleaning of dishwashers - pour in the dishwasher without dishes into the magazine for washing product the deincrustation product and let go the wholw cycle of washing.

Cleaning of irons - Pour in to the magazine for destillation water one coffee spoon of deincrustation productand to ½ pour in destillation water. Let the sollution flow slowly with organ of iron. After you rinse out with destillation water the magazine and organ.